Monday, March 8, 2010

Experience points for T1 session #1

The "by the book" experience breakdown for Friday's session is as follows:

  • Foes smitten (or otherwise defeated): 250 XP
  • Bolts of cloth (claimed by merchant): 120 XP
  • Inlaid wooden box (claimed by merchant): 45 XP
  • Crystal ware (sold): 20 XP
  • Four +1 arrows: 80 XP
  • Chest of 2,000 cp (tithed): 20 XP
This amounts to 535 XP, or 134 to each of four characters.  Not very much, but at least for now, I want to play it by the book.  For one, it seems likely that upcoming sessions will yield more than this, and for two, I've fallen into a habit over the years of simply handing out thousands of XP at a time to promote steady level advancement every few sessions.  This certainly wasn't how AD&D was intended to be played.  Plus, the treasure-based system should encourage selling and bartering tactics by the PCs (maybe next time they won't be so quick to sell those goblets to the first offer when experience points are at stake!).

Edit (3/14/2010): I've awarded the PCs 200 XP each as a bonus for capturing the bandit leader Margon and returning him to Hommlet. Experience totals (including bonuses for high ability scores) are now updated and posted in the right-hand column of the site.

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  1. Lame -- was hoping for 400xp. Didn't realize that sell price of loot converts to XP.