Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PCs & NPCs

Player Characters

Dravin Deepsyer
Male human fighter, born to a soldier of Windless' militia

Male dragon-blooded war priest of Kord, stands seven feet tall and hails from Impiltur

Azeikiel Sunstreamer ("Zeek")
Male half-elf ranger/priest of Mielikki and friend to Adwyn Elmshadow


A halfling mage-in-training who traveled to Bloodstone Valley to establish her career as a wizardess

Rorovan Daleamber
The third lord of Windless, a gray-haired but strong-willed veteran of more than fifty winters

Adwyn Elmshadow
A notable ranger of Windless who reports to Lord Daleamber

A seamstress and the young sister of one of Windless' felled hunters

Calehan Longstrider
A strong-hearted young man loyal to Ilmater, and captain of Windless' militia

A ranking militia man of Windless and friend to Dravin

A young, blond-haired militia officer, second in command to Captain Longstrider

Frostmar Keep

Calidor Bleaksword (deceased)
A paladin of Ilmater who died defending Frostmar Keep, now said to be a ghost

Aazen Stormrider
Ranger and self-proclaimed explorer of the Underdark from Vaasa

Chieftain of the Burning Hand orc tribe, has a black, withered right hand that seems to bear fiery powers

Bloodstone Village

Gareth Dragonsbane
King of Damara, paladin of Ilmater, and charter member of the adventuring band that slew Zhengyi, the witch-king

Siege of Goblins (#3)

Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008
XP awarded: 1,300
XP total: 3,900

As of this session, the game is now being played in AD&D 2nd Edition.

Undivided Treasure
- A blue, syrupy potion found on a flying duergar (gray dwarf)
- A white potion of healing found on a non-flying duergar
- An elegant, ruby adorned scabbard, coveting a short sword
- An ornate hand axe, presumed valuable

Adventure Log

15 Uktar

[Evening] More than three dozen soldiers attend the meeting at Windless' mustering grounds, as does their captain, Calehan Longstrider. Longstrider agrees to dispatch a troop fifty strong to Frostmar Keep at sunrise.

16 Uktar

[Sunrise] The PCs travel with Captain Longstrider and his militia throughout the day.

[Evening] The party arrives at the keep and enters its rear courtyard. After a small, eight-man militia patrol brings word of a goblin attack and single death a short way out, the keep is approached by Skelt-gash, the Burning Orc chieftain, and nearly two score of underlings. A tense but non-hostile parlay reveals the orcs' intention for Frostmar Keep to remain a neutral site.

[Middark] The keep is swarmed by goblins from outside and duergar and mummy-like skeletal creatures from underground. The PCs and militia prove victorious, at the cost of three more soldiers slain, and two others maimed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bloodstone Valley

Bloodstone Valley and Bloodstone Pass are the only passable route between the countries of Vaasa and Damara, known collectively as the Bloodstone Lands.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Impending Dark (#2)

Date: Friday, December 12, 2008
XP awarded: 450
XP total: 650

The commission from Lord Daleamber is considered "divided" to your sheets, so not listed. We should figure out who's carrying what at the beginning of the next game.

Undivided Treasure
- Cloth bag containing a purple amethyst, 13 gp, 80 sp, and 120 cp
- Pouch containing 33 gp and 70 sp
- One potion of healing

Adventure Log

14 Uktar

[Midmorning] The party enters the keep's front entrance through a broken portcullis, bypasses a flying-blade trap in the main entryway, and defeats a gargoyle in an inner courtyard.

[Highsun] The upper levels of the keep are scoured, and the party encounters a ranger from Vaasa named Aazen who claims himself a delver of the Underdark. Aazen explains that goblins and the Burning Hand orcs are active in the area, and that Windless could be in danger.

[Fullday] The five encounter and defeat goblins in the keep's dungeon level; Dravin is badly wounded.

[Sunset] The PCs rest in one of the keep's front towers, while Aazen spends the night exploring the grounds nearby.

[Middark] Goblins are heard fighting with orcs in the direction of the mountains, far off.

15 Uktar

[Sunrise] The party exits the keep and departs for Windless; Aazen elects to stay behind.

[Afternoon] The party returns to Windless and consults with Lord Daleamber. A meeting is called for later in the evening.

Frostmar Keep (#1)

Date: Monday, December 1, 2008
XP awarded: 200
XP total: 200

Undivided Treasure
- A cloth bag of coins and gems found on the dead ogre

Adventure Log

The Year of Lightning Storms
(1374 DR)

Uktar, the Rotting

Late autumn; temperatures are cold; only occasional snowfall.
10 Uktar

Two hunters are found slain along the road to Frostmar Keep.
12 Uktar

[Fullday] Dravin, Arannis, Bree, and Laise gain the audience of Lord Rorovan Daleamber and inquire about the killings, agreeing to a bounty of two hundred gold pieces to determine the source of the attack.

[Afternoon] Arannis speaks to Mirta, sister to one of the felled hunters.

[Evening] The party speaks to Adwyn Elmshadow, a ranger of Windless.

13 Uktar

[Sunrise] The party sets out from the gates of Windless on the road that leads to Frostmar Keep.

[Evening] As the party sets up camp, the companions are assaulted by (and defeat) a small band of kobolds accompanied by an ogre.

[Middark] Arannis spots a hundred red eyes while resting; after waking the others, the four continue along the road.

14 Uktar

[Sunrise] The party arrives on the grounds of Frostmar Keep and notices several pairs of clawed footprints in the snow.