Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frostmar Keep (#1)

Date: Monday, December 1, 2008
XP awarded: 200
XP total: 200

Undivided Treasure
- A cloth bag of coins and gems found on the dead ogre

Adventure Log

The Year of Lightning Storms
(1374 DR)

Uktar, the Rotting

Late autumn; temperatures are cold; only occasional snowfall.
10 Uktar

Two hunters are found slain along the road to Frostmar Keep.
12 Uktar

[Fullday] Dravin, Arannis, Bree, and Laise gain the audience of Lord Rorovan Daleamber and inquire about the killings, agreeing to a bounty of two hundred gold pieces to determine the source of the attack.

[Afternoon] Arannis speaks to Mirta, sister to one of the felled hunters.

[Evening] The party speaks to Adwyn Elmshadow, a ranger of Windless.

13 Uktar

[Sunrise] The party sets out from the gates of Windless on the road that leads to Frostmar Keep.

[Evening] As the party sets up camp, the companions are assaulted by (and defeat) a small band of kobolds accompanied by an ogre.

[Middark] Arannis spots a hundred red eyes while resting; after waking the others, the four continue along the road.

14 Uktar

[Sunrise] The party arrives on the grounds of Frostmar Keep and notices several pairs of clawed footprints in the snow.

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