Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Siege of Goblins (#3)

Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008
XP awarded: 1,300
XP total: 3,900

As of this session, the game is now being played in AD&D 2nd Edition.

Undivided Treasure
- A blue, syrupy potion found on a flying duergar (gray dwarf)
- A white potion of healing found on a non-flying duergar
- An elegant, ruby adorned scabbard, coveting a short sword
- An ornate hand axe, presumed valuable

Adventure Log

15 Uktar

[Evening] More than three dozen soldiers attend the meeting at Windless' mustering grounds, as does their captain, Calehan Longstrider. Longstrider agrees to dispatch a troop fifty strong to Frostmar Keep at sunrise.

16 Uktar

[Sunrise] The PCs travel with Captain Longstrider and his militia throughout the day.

[Evening] The party arrives at the keep and enters its rear courtyard. After a small, eight-man militia patrol brings word of a goblin attack and single death a short way out, the keep is approached by Skelt-gash, the Burning Orc chieftain, and nearly two score of underlings. A tense but non-hostile parlay reveals the orcs' intention for Frostmar Keep to remain a neutral site.

[Middark] The keep is swarmed by goblins from outside and duergar and mummy-like skeletal creatures from underground. The PCs and militia prove victorious, at the cost of three more soldiers slain, and two others maimed.

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