Saturday, December 20, 2008

Impending Dark (#2)

Date: Friday, December 12, 2008
XP awarded: 450
XP total: 650

The commission from Lord Daleamber is considered "divided" to your sheets, so not listed. We should figure out who's carrying what at the beginning of the next game.

Undivided Treasure
- Cloth bag containing a purple amethyst, 13 gp, 80 sp, and 120 cp
- Pouch containing 33 gp and 70 sp
- One potion of healing

Adventure Log

14 Uktar

[Midmorning] The party enters the keep's front entrance through a broken portcullis, bypasses a flying-blade trap in the main entryway, and defeats a gargoyle in an inner courtyard.

[Highsun] The upper levels of the keep are scoured, and the party encounters a ranger from Vaasa named Aazen who claims himself a delver of the Underdark. Aazen explains that goblins and the Burning Hand orcs are active in the area, and that Windless could be in danger.

[Fullday] The five encounter and defeat goblins in the keep's dungeon level; Dravin is badly wounded.

[Sunset] The PCs rest in one of the keep's front towers, while Aazen spends the night exploring the grounds nearby.

[Middark] Goblins are heard fighting with orcs in the direction of the mountains, far off.

15 Uktar

[Sunrise] The party exits the keep and departs for Windless; Aazen elects to stay behind.

[Afternoon] The party returns to Windless and consults with Lord Daleamber. A meeting is called for later in the evening.

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