Sunday, February 27, 2011

B/X Scenario: Halflings vs. Ogres

I stumbled across this post while poking around on Dragonsfoot the other day, and really enjoyed it. The author created a one-off scenario where a band of ogres had been terrorizing a halfling shire, and the lone player controlled a party of ten 1st-level halflings to track down and eliminate the threat. This was a B/X (D&D Basic) adventure, so the halflings were just halflings.

In any case, the author goes on to provide specific stats for each of the ten hin (along with starting money and equipment) along with the individuals' roles within the village. Then he recaps the encounter itself, recounting every die roll and tactical decision made by both sides. I found the whole piece to be highly entertaining and fascinating in its elegance and simplicity.

For a while I've felt like Basic (or something in the realm of "not-quite-Basic," like the Basic Fantasy RPG) is something I could really get into someday, under the right set of circumstances. Every time I read something like this it just reinforces that notion.

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