Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Picking back up, and XP for recent sessions

Before we move on to the next session, I'd like to solidify the point from which we'll pick back up. Various offline discussions led to this conclusion, which I wrote in an email earlier today:

The party's most recent agreed-upon direction was Brithem, in order to get the victimized family to safety. We can pick up from the fiefdom the next time we play. It's not too long or treacherous a journey to skip over the details.

With all of this, the one plot point I will enforce from the get-go (to Wren's dismay, I'm sure) is Rumolt's departure north (toward Luskan) with the scepter from the crossroads. This was always his intended path, and nothing short of sword or spell was going to keep him with the party beyond this point. He's been a dagger in the party's gut for some time now, and it's time for the group to find some internal cohesion without him. The world is dynamic and fluid, so it's certainly possible that he crosses your path again. Sara can write a romantic sendoff post if she feels so inclined.

Given the above, I'll go ahead and award XP for the most recent adventures:
  • Kirtak's banded mail (magical) - 500 XP
  • Misc bandit gear plundered - 200 XP
  • Kirtak - 110 XP
  • Bandits, 10 - 300 XP
  • Jhakine - 350 XP
  • Story award (saving the victimized family) - 4,500 XP
The total of 5,960 XP is split into full shares of 1,324 XP for each PC and a half-share of 662 XP for Aranos. Though Rumolt was a key contributor in the party's dealings, I've omitted him from the dispersement due to the uncertainty around his motives and the fact that he's gone his separate way. New party totals should be:
  • Arendeth - 13,110
  • Riwyn - 6,555/6,555
  • Wren - 5,959/6,555
  • Lincoln - 10,852
  • Aranos - 662
Lincoln and Arendeth have each attained 5th level; we can assume adequate time passed in Brithem for their advancement.

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  1. Oops, looks like Lincoln goes up a level too. I edited the post accordingly.