Monday, November 6, 2017

The Quick Primer: remembering what you know

Tonight, I reread the Quick Primer for Old School Gaming (also linked on the right-hand side of the blog) for the first time in a while, a matter of reflection on the TPK suffered by the party this weekend. At this point, the PDF's "zen moments" are about as engrained as they can be into the way I try to run my games, but it's sometimes nice to revisit things you already know, to usher them back to the forefront of your mind.

Not sure if all the players have read this before; if so, it may have been a while for them, too. The PDF isn't long and though I recommend reading it in its entirety, Zen Moments #2 and #4 (along with some of the "Tips for Players") stood out to me as particularly relevant to many of the sessions we played, including the last.

For my part, it's tough not to fall into the trap of issuing repetitive "miss/miss/hit/miss" responses to attack rolls in combat. Sometimes, when there's a lot going on, you need to devolve to the most basic descriptions to keep things moving. But, even then, spicing up the combat scene here and there is critical not only in providing flavor and excitement for the participants, but also in reminding them that their options are infinitesimally more varied than swinging a morningstar or firing a bow.

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