Wednesday, September 9, 2020

XP awards for sessions 40-43

Four sessions into the fifth campaign arc, XP awards are due. Party allotment:

  • Slaying Berigaard, his minions, and plundering his treasure - 10,000
  • Opening the traveler's chamber - 5,000
  • Disengaging from Sinjun's party - 1,000

These 16,000 points are divided into full shares (3,200 XP) for each PC and Bonie, and half shares (1,600 XP) for Lom and Selben. 

There's also the matter of the displacer beasts, which needs to be handled separately (thanks, Sean), since Lom was being played as a PC and certain party members were not present. For this encounter, Lom, Vonn, and Zeb each receive 488 XP (this also accounts for shares deducted for Sinjun's party). Finally, Zeb's 10% prime requisite bonus is also reflected in the updated party totals below:

  • Vonn - 8,688
  • Audric - 29,989
  • Zeb - 3,000/52,029
  • Selben (h) - 16,251
  • Lom (h) - 8,530
No new are levels gained from these awards, but Lom inches precariously close to 4th, at which point he'll be only a level behind Audric.

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