Saturday, January 10, 2009

Securing the Hold (#4)

Date: Friday, January 9, 2009
XP awarded: 1,200

XP Totals
Dravin - 5,220 (training for level 3)
Laise - 5,220
Azeikiel - 2,500/2,640 (training for Ranger level 2)

- Twenty-eight militia men remain at Frostmar Keep; two are wounded.
- Food, craftsmen, and stronghold details have been requested from Windless.
- The keep has been lightly stocked with goblin short swords and javelins.

Undivided Treasure
- A silver buckle carved in an abstract pattern, found on a goblin worg-rider

Adventure Log

17 Uktar

Snowfall begins.

[Dawn] Dravin and Laise convene with Captain Longstrider before dawn to discuss the day's plans.

[Sunrise] A small contingent of reinforcements from Windless arrives at Frostmar Keep, led by the ranger Azeikiel Sunstreamer, friend of Adwyn Elmshadow. Captain Longstrider dispatches a handful of men wounded in battle, escorted by a few uninjured soldiers and Bree, back to town.

[Morning] Dravin, Laise, and Azeikiel head off into the mountains, scouting for goblins. At the keep, Windless' militia begins constructing ballista missiles and clearing the dungeon level of dangerous carrion feeders.

[Highsun] The PCs encounter and defeat a band of goblins led by a worg-rider, taking a single goblin captive. Before heading back, the party is hailed by the ranger, Aazen.

[Fullday] The party returns to Frostmar Keep with Aazen and the goblin captive. The goblin is interrogated, and Windless' fears that the valley may soon be attacked are confirmed. Aazen reveals that the black, rotted hand of Skelt-gash the orc chieftain is believed to be an artifact of Zhengyi, the Witch-King.

[Evening] Captain Longstrider departs for Windless with six soldiers to petition Lord Daleamber to seek help from King Gareth. Enay, a young officer, is left in charge of the remaining militia.

[Middark] A drow warrior infiltrates the keep and wounds two soldiers before being driven off by Aazen and the PCs. The party gives chase, but the dark elf escapes into the Underdark

18 Uktar

[Morning] The PCs develop a plan to barricade the tunnel entrance exposed in the keep's basement.

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