Saturday, January 10, 2009


As is customary in many AD&D games, I'm going to require player characters to train before advancing a level. The training rules will be loose and easy:

- There's no monetary cost to train.
- No mentor is required.
- A character must spend one day/new level training, with the resources of a small town (or better) at his disposal, before advancing.

These rules are in place for realism, and to create an additional challenge for the PCs in terms of decision-making ("Do I stop and train to improve my abilities or press on with the task at hand?"). As training goes in AD&D, these requirements are extremely light, and I think they'll make a fun addition to the game.


  1. Resurrecting an ancient post. Awesome how you're still consistently applying this rule almost a decade later. I've had to read the rules regarding experience a lot lately, due to my dual-classed character (one of the few untrod paths within the 2e rules!).

    Your requirements for training are completely fair--certainly more fair than 1e rules, which require vast sums of gold as well as time and access to a mentor. I like what you've done with these requirements--they don't necessarily provide much of an obstacle or challenge, except in situations where time is short or pressure is building, where the decision to spend time training or preparing for some major event war for priority.

    The rules are fair, common-sense, and I think very appropriate to the tone of your games.