Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kirtak's Camp

This post is an opportunity for the PCs to speak with their bandit captive and otherwise hold conversations and dealings in the short-term safety of the plundered camp. Players can post in-game comments to this thread and I'll reply with any NPC actions or responses, similar to a play-by-post. No pressure on anyone to partake (no experience is at stake), and I'll give adequate time for others to chime in, given that some players have more frequent web access than others.

I'll go ahead and take the post down if no comments come in leading up to the next session, but at least this way any discourse can be archived and every PC has a chance to be involved, regardless of who ends up attending the next time we play.

Please post comments below. They actually work now. :)


  1. Lincoln is eager for the opportunity to discuss a few things with the captive. He draws out one of his daggers, digging at dirt in his fingernails as he does so. He's hoping that the recent slaughter of Kirtak adds weight to Lincoln's intimidation.

    "Look. We're not going to kill you, we're probably not even going to torture you. I just need to know how many more of you we can expect to run into."

    "Kirtak was a brainless thug, we know he answers to somebody. I'm sure you've seen him, might even know his name. That's the information I need, so that I can reunite these guys with their family. Do you have family?"

  2. The thief edges back against the ridge, his face spattered with dirt and blood. In the firelight, the lines in his countenance betray his age; this man has lived a long, hard life, and is all the more hardened for it.

    "No," he answers flatly. "But it matters not. I know little, an' no one'll come fer me. A half-score more men, an' the Calishite mage. An' Whisper. An' whoever else he's gathered in the days since I seen him."

    He shifts position but cringes at the pain from his open wound. "You were wise gettin' out, dwarf, though I didn't see it. Please - I don't want to die. An' you're no murderer."

  3. Arendeth watches Lincoln intently as he has no intention of allowing him to actually torture the prisoner. He steps up beside the other Dwarf to speak.

    "How many other camps do you bandits have, and where are they? Since you are either unable, or unwilling, to tell us where these men's families are located, we need to track down every single member of your band."

  4. The brigand glances from dwarf to dwarf. "I told ye all I know. I'm not fer throwin' away my life fer the likes o' Whisper. An' that's what I'd be doin' by lyin' to ye, or by refusin' ter tell. I know how the game works.

    "Whisper took the rest o' the men deeper into the forest, after that giant got the best o' them. Killed two o' the better fighters, after ye left. Ripped one o' their heads clean off. Clean off. Even Kirtak didn't know where they'd gone, I reckon. An' Whisper's too damn smart ter send anyone back here now."