Sunday, July 10, 2016

Vote for direction

I don't want to shortchange anyone's preferences for the party's direction, but I would like a firm decision to be made soon so I can have material ready for this week. This post will serve as an official tally of the party's votes. Leave a comment here within the next day stating your character's preferred destination. The destination with the most votes will be assumed to be the direction the party travels when we reconvene. I'll only count votes posted to this thread.


  1. There were a few comments posted here, but G+ comments weren't functioning correctly with my template so I had to kill the feature off. I've reverted back to standard Blogger comments, which unfortunately means that preexisting G+ comments are all dead and gone.

    The vote stood at three for Luskan (one begrudgingly so), one for Neverwinter. That's enough for me to prepare what I need for Saturday. Thanks all!