Thursday, May 21, 2020

The necromancer's spellbook

The full contents of Berigaard's spellbook are listed below. PCs that have not cast read magic on a spell's specific pages still need to do so prior to attempting to learn the spell:

* = necromancy
  • 1st level
    • Armor
    • Chill touch*
    • Color spray
    • Detect magic
    • Detect undead
    • Magic missile
    • Mount
    • Read magic
    • Tenser’s floating disk
  • 2nd level
    • Knock
    • Levitate
    • Shatter
    • Spectral hand*
  • 3rd level
    • Feign death*
    • Slow
    • Vampiric touch*
  • 4th level
    • Contagion*
    • Enervation*
  • 5th level
    • Animate dead*

Other Findings

Amid the necromancer's scattered parchments, Audric uncovers a few items of note. The first is a writ of passage aboard a ship named Winnower, from Fireshear to Neverwinter, dated early fall in the Year of Silent Steel (1254 DR) and signed by one Captain Elchesir Stormantle.

The second is a letter, unsigned and undated:

To Their Families, Next of Kin, or to Whom it may otherwise Concern:

I regret to inform that two Mercenaries from Fireshear, one Jartheld Olsbane and one Sulndor Mettlehorn, have Sadly Perished at the hands of Deadly Orcs of the Frozenfar whilst under my employ. Rest assured that these brave men Died with Honor, and that Their Remains have been consumed upon a Grand Pyre, nobly befitting their Station. Dispatch return correspondence, if desired, to my Trusted Apprentice.

Your Most Solemn and Humble Servant,

(Vonn recognizes these names as the hired guards who aided Vonn and Berigaard in slaying the frost giant, one year prior.)

The third is a pair of bound volumes, yellowed and weathered from age. One is a book titled Song and Prose of the Frozenfar, a collection of regional poetry and folklore; the other, Cold Ebony, appears to be a study of negative energy, astral projection, and related cosmic and dimensional topics.

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