Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#2: The Razing

1/8/2018, Session #2

After constructing a hasty bier for Damyca, we rest upon a nearby hilltop, our minds full of doubts and questions.  In the morning, we prepare what spells we have at our disposal to discover the nature of the runes.  The runes are not etched, but rather applied seemingly by magic to the cave walls.  The spell is revealed to be dimension door; potent, but focused and limited teleportation magic.

Discussion occurs regarding the findings, as well as potential plans.  With little to go on, the decision is made to return to Shadfeld with Damyca’s corpse.  Tussagar believes Tyoness might be able to discern more about Damyca’s demise.

Precious time is taken during our return for me to skin the bear felled by Tussagar the previous night.  Though our travel is unobstructed, the time proves a dear expense; Shadfeld is aflame upon our return.  My first thoughts turn towards Erathmar and the merchant’s safety.

“Carcerus, the Black Devil”: A pitch black, bipedal wolf creature associated to the Beast Cults; a shapechanger.  Carcerus leads (presumably) the band currently setting flame to Shadfeld.  

Alerting Tussagar and Audric to the danger, we rush to the church, where we find Tyoness being held captive by Korvich, my mentor in the Beast Cults.

I roar a challenge to Carcerus, but the beast-kin does not respond, instead mauling the magically held form of Tyoness.  Korvich assaults me with magic, attempting to force me to bow to his will, but I struggle to resist the spell.  While Carcerus and Tussugar trade blows, Korvich casts again, stealing my will to fight, and planting the seed of doubt that leaving the cult was a mistake, and that rejoining is the proper course of action.

Fortunately, Audric is there to talk sense into me, and suggests flight from the conflict.  We flee, but as we do the fires within town fade, as if by some mysterious magic, and except for fleeting shadows and far-off cries, it looks as if the battle has abated, the fires having run their course.

We follow cries back to the church, where we find Rould standing over the injured Tussugar, with Tyoness nearby, dead.  The ashes of nearby buildings are cold, as if hours or even days have passed.  Tussugar is rejuvenated, and we ponder the situation at hand.


  1. Again, thanks for posting. The notes are fantastic, and as much as I've enjoyed putting detailed session recaps together in the past, it's a time-consuming effort. I'll continue to post my own notes and visual aids when warranted, but welcome the idea of the site having a greater mix of contributions going forward.

    I plan to be fairly loose about XP for this game, in terms of not bothering to aggregate every individual point like I've done previously. In a smaller and less combat-focused game, where I know you'll both be playing every time, there seems little need to be meticulous. 10% prime requisite bonuses will still matter, though.

    Aside from that, I don't think I need to add any IC content at this point. I can answer questions or entertain your musings/speculation as desired.

  2. I'm still a little confused about what is happening, but I think we need to explore a few places in and around town. First, I think we need to check the building where all the smoke came from. Things started to get really weird once the smoke obscured everything, so we should see if we can identify anything out of the ordinary that was burning.

    Second, I think we need to investigate in the church. I don't know what there might be in there, but I don't want to leave without looking.

    Finally, we should check to see if Erathmar is still around. I don't know what if any help he could/would be, or if we even what to stick with him, but I think it is worth looking into.

    We should also try to keep Tussugar and Rould with us for the time being. Clearly this town is gone, and we could use the help if another fight breaks out.